How to Connect

  1. All drivers will be required to enter the FTE Sim Racing server, using SMS Lobby. There will be no exceptions. If we find that you connected through an IP, you will be removed. This will be checked during the race.

What You Need to Race Here

  1. All drivers must have high-speed internet.  Dial-up connections are not allowed.
  2. You must also have a steering wheel to control your vehicle.  We will not allow you to race with a game pad/controller, joystick, or keyboard.
  3. MINIMUM RACING AGE:  18 for Trucks and Xfinity, 21 for Cup. Exceptions to be approved by Admins
  4. Your in-game name, in the player info screen, must match the name you registered with in RaceLM.  You must also leave your first name blank in the Player Info screen, and put your race name (and tag if you have one) in the Last Name field only.
  5. New Members must go to the Driver Roster and pick a number that is not Pending or Locked In and must run Xfinity and/or Trucks until such time as it can be determined that their skills are such as to not be a hazard.

On-track Communications

  1. All members will be required to at least be able to hear through TeamSpeak 3. If you’re having an issue with speaking, we will allow in-game text chat.
  2. Please keep the chatting to a minimum, under all race conditions. Seeing as how we’re running open set-ups, drivers will be working on their sets right up until race time, so please be respectful during practice, and Happy Hour as well. We will only tolerate race related chatting during race conditions.
  3. We will allow profanity, and things of that nature, but PLEASE keep the profanity to a minimum and there will be ABSOLUTELY  NO FLAMING on TeamSpeak or in chat!  If you have an issue with any member, please ask an owner/admin to mediate the issue in a separate room, after the race is over.
  4. Whispering an admin will be allowed, unless, it’s deemed excessive.  At that point that admin(s) will signal race chat only for the remainder of the race.

General Race Server Settings (excluding special events)

  1. Server Opens:  7:00 PM ET/6:00 PM CT/5:00 PM MT/4:00 PM PT/10:00 AM AUS)
  2. Practice:  80 minutes
  3. Server reset:  8:20 PM ET Driver’s Meeting.  No manual disconnects without owner/admin permission.
  4. Qualifying:  8:30 PM ET.  No game chat, or voice chat at all.
  5. Happy Hour:  10 minutes.
  6. Race Settings:
    1. Race Length:  35%
    2. Set-Ups:  Open
    3. Pitting:  2x
    4. Aids:  Aids are allowed
    5. Double File Restarts
    6. Weather:  Realistic Temp – 70 deg Clear.
    7. Mods:
      1. Trucks:  CWS2015
      2. Xfinity:  NXS17_HC
      3. Cup:  Gen6BR15

F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing Track Definitions

  1. Dirt Tracks:  Any track that has a dirt surface, where you turn one direction.  Track is of variable length.  Track does not contain jumps.
  2. Short Tracks:  Any paved track that is less than 1 mile in length, where you turn one direction.
  3. Intermediate Tracks:  Any paved track that is at least 1 mile long, but not longer than 2 miles, where you turn one direction.
  4. Superspeedway Tracks:  Any paved track that is at least 2 miles long, where you turn one direction.
  5. Road/Street Courses:  Any paved track that is of variable length, where you turn left and right.

10 Minute Server Reset

  1. Before we take the server to qualifying, there will be a 10 minute reset for each race. We will not allow any disconnects, or reconnects, without admin permission. You must give a reason why you’re disconnecting, or you will not be allowed back in the server for qualifying.

Race Time Restarts

  1. We will only allow 1 start of the race restart, if the caution comes out on lap 1, before the last car running crosses the start/finish line. This rule will NOT be deviated from at all, so please race with caution in the first 5 to 10 laps.

Lapped Cars

  1. Please yield to lead lap cars preferred racing line.
  2. On all cautions, all lapped cars must go down pit road on the 2nd caution lap to allow the lead lap cars to start together. If a lead lap car pits with lapped cars, the lapped cars do not have to “wait” for the lead lap car at the end of pit road. Wherever the lapped car comes off pit road, is where they will restart.

Line Choices

  1. On the initial start of the race, and all restarts, the leader of the race will have choice of inside or outside line.  Line-up according to the car in front of you. If he is on the right side, line-up on the left side. If he is on the left side, line-up on the right side.


  1. All starts and restarts will be double file. There will be no passing or lane changes until after you’ve crossed the start/finish line. You will be warned once. If it happens again in the same race, you will serve a stop and go penalty under green.
  2. The green flag will ALWAYS start and restart the race. If you’re the leader or co-front row starter, and you jump on the throttle before the green flag, it will be deemed jumping the start/restart, and you’ll be assessed a stop and go penalty.

Pacing Under Caution

  1. Please stagger under caution. Just like when coming to the green flag, be opposite of the car in front of you. Do not lag behind the next car in front of you by any more than 0.02. You will be warned once. If it occurs again in the same race, you’ll be assessed a stop and go penalty on the ensuing restart.

Causing a Yellow Flag

  1. On all starts and restarts, if you cause a caution before the first lap is completed after the green flag, you must serve a drive through penalty, under green, on the next restart. You can not follow the pace car down pit road to serve the penalty. You must go around 1 lap and then serve it.
  2. We do have the 2 spin rule (3 on tracks less than 1.0 mi). If you cause a caution, please own up to it. If you cause 2 cautions, please retire. We will stop scoring you on the ensuing restart if you do not retire.
  3. STALEMATE Rule:  If there is a caution that comes out, after the admins ask once, “Who’s caution?”, and there is a question a doubt as to who caused the caution, both drivers/all drivers involved will be required to get an end of the longest line penalty, on the 2nd lap of caution.  There will be an admin panel review of any disputed incidents.  Once the panel has deemed the cause of the incident (a particular driver, or a “racing deal”), the race standings will be adjusted.  If a driver in particular is ruled the cause, they will be assessed a 1 lap penalty in the final race standings.  YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR OWN REPLAY!  We will not review any protests, if it’s not your replay, with your telemetry, braking, and throttle, your protest will be thrown out.

Replay/Incident Review Panel

  1. The incident review panel will consist of the two league owners (Dennie Daniels, and Joe Morabito),  and any other admins.  Once a determination is reached on the  incident, the decision is pending.  If an appeal is filed, the review panel will go over the evidence again, then reach a final decision.

Yellow/White Line at the apron rule

  1. There will be no passing on the apron at any track.  That includes “cutting the apron” in the tri-oval of tracks like Chicagoland, Kansas, etc.

Technical Issues

  1. If you show up to race, and are having technical issues, and can’t get in for qualifying, instead of receiving provisional points, you’ll receive credit as the last car in the field (i.e. if 16 cars show up, you’ll get points for 17th).

Mechanical Issues

  1. If you fall out of the server during race conditions, we will NOT be giving any laps back.  It will be considered “mechanical problems”.  You will still be eligible for the lucky dog and wave-arounds though.


  1. There will be no talking during qualifying. If you’re warned more than once, you will not be allowed to qualify in the next race.
  2. Please save your replay, if asked, including qualifying.  The top 3 qualifiers, and the top 5 finishers may be asked to submit a replay for further review.

Last 10 Laps

  1. There will be NO racing back until 10 laps to go.
  2. Block at your own risk (if you block, and a caution results, you’re at fault).

Stopping on the Track

  1. There will be no stopping on the track to hold your position under caution.  If you do this, and get the “automatic tow” to pit road, you will serve a black flag on the ensuing restart.
  2. If you stop on the track during green flag racing to retire, and the yellow comes out, you’ll be charged with the yellow.  If you do this, you will serve a black flag on the start of the next race.

Pitting Procedures

  1. You will be required to announce your pitting, as well as hit the autochat button for it, on the backstreatch or at least by turn 3, at every track.
  2. Please stay to the right on pit road until you reach two pit stalls before yours.
  3. When exiting pit road, do not put anybody into the grass intentionally.  You will be assessed a black flag if you do.
  4. Hot pitting is allowed.
  5. Incidents taking place on pit road under green flag conditions, will be looked at on an individual basis.

Intentionally Wrecking Someone

  1. If we determine that you intentionally wrecked a fellow driver, you will be suspended for one week, without provisional points. Don’t do it, please. If you feel you’ve been wronged, please ask an admin to mediate a discussion in another room, after the race. We will not tolerate any arguing during the race. You will be ejected from the race channel on TeamSpeak.


  1. Blocking is permitted with 10 laps to go. You block at your own risk though. If you attempt to block somebody, whether it’s lap 1, or 1 to go, the caution will be assessed to you.

Lucky Dog and Wave Arounds

  1. Lucky Dogs and wave-arounds will be awarded until the end of the race, unless there is a race ending caution.
  2. There is NO racing back to the caution, until 10 laps to go and you cannot pass to gain positions. When the caution comes out look at your F2 and see who you are behind. That is the car you have to be behind when you cross the start/finish line unless he is not able to continue. If you do, you will be given an EOLL penalty. When the caution comes out, we will determine the first car not on the lead lap, and they will receive the lucky dog. The field is frozen when the yellow comes out. The lucky dog will pit with the lapped cars, then pass the field on the high side after coming off of pit road. He will maintain his position behind the pace car, but in front of the leader, until we get one lap to go, then he will catch the back of the field.
  3. The lucky dog vehicle must be the last car in line. Any cars coming off of pit road will start in front of the lucky dog.
  4. If the caution comes out, and you end up between the pace car, and the leader, you are eligible for a wave around. You can not pit under the yellow flag. All wave arounds will be in front of the lucky dog, but behind any cars coming off of pit road on the 1 to go.


  1. You must use TeamSpeak and game chat to announce that you’re coming onto and off of pit road. Failure to do so will result in a black flag under green.

Black Flags

  1. Excluding lucky dog and wave around vehicles, we will only clear black flags for a single vehicle on a restart, once. If you receive a 2nd black flag, you must adhere to it.

White Flag

  1. You can not receive any assistance on the white flag lap.  Any car that gives, or receives assistance on the last lap will each receive a 1 lap penalty.

Accidents During the Last Lap

  1. All accidents initiated on the last lap will be reviewed after the race, and the results will be adjusted accordingly.

Provisional Points

  1. Provisional points will be given if you miss a race.  If you miss the season opening race, once you start a race, the provisional points will be automatically added by RaceLM.

Substitute Drivers

  1. We will not allow any substitute drivers.  Provisional points will be your substitute driver.  Tributes will be allowed for drivers that have passed away.

Removal from the League

  1. The owners and admins of the league reserve the right to remove anybody, at any time, based on a multitude of offenses, that could be deemed as severe.
Rules Changes
  1. We, as the owners and admins of F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing reserve the right to modify and change these rules at any time.