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    Jonathan Reed

    Name: Jonathan Reed

    Number: 88

    Sponsor(s): US Air Force

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: December 1, 1970

    Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

    Current Residence: Streetsboro, OH

    Leagues Raced at: STRL 2006-2008
    SORS 2008-2011
    Real Hardcore Sim Racing 2012-2014
    BullRing 2015
    Hobo 2016
    F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing (FTE), 2017-Present

    Driver Biography:
    Married to Randi for 7 years now with a stepson, Cody
    I have been racing online since the N3 days and Papy online. Was a team member for Team CFC, Sebring, and Wild Ass Motorsports (WAM)
    Not a bad wheelman, I’ve been told.


    JT Mayhew

    Zach Stultz

    Number: TBD

    Sponsor(s): Advocare

    Manufacturer: Ford

    Home League(s):FTF

    Birth date: 9/17/1989

    Hometown: Adrian, Michigan

    Current Residence: Dunedin, Florida

    Leagues Raced at: FTF, Solstice, Carolina Classic, NSR

    Driver Biography:


    Dylan Connolly

    Name: Dylan Connolly (Dill-Len Con-Oh-Lee)

    Number: 10

    Sponsor(s): Mountain Home Twin Lakers (Pro Basketball Team)

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet

    Home League(s): None

    Birthdate: May 24th 1995

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Current Residence: Mountain Home, AR

    Leagues Raced at:
    Carolina Classic Racing (2007-2010)
    Open Speedway (2016)

    Driver Biography:
    Mom Carol Balogh(Bay-Log)

    Currently a Substitute Teacher, a high school and pro basketball coach and a sports announcer for sporting events such as the 2017 Cal Ripken World Series, First Robotics Events and all sporting events at my old high school (Mountain Home Bombers) and with the Arkansas Razorbacks. I also Own and Coach a Pro Basketball Team the Mountain Home Twin Lakers, built with players from around the area.
    Im into gaming, sports, and when im not racing im watching the WORLD CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS play.


    JT Mayhew

    Jerry Walters
    Kelly blue Book And Napa,
    RTG,F.A.S.Trak,SRA.TDR.Insomniacs,Extreme Motorsports ,Afterburner,SWM,Hobo,STR
    Mocksville Nc
    Been racing online for 24 years,also ran my own league in 2004 with two Brothers


    JT Mayhew

    Name: Everett Lintz

    Number: 87

    Sponsor(s): Circle K

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet

    Home League(s): Hobo/FTE

    Birth date: 10/5/1987

    Hometown: Niles MI

    Current Residence: Niles MI

    Leagues Raced at: Hobo, FTE


    Name: Theodore Stegall III

    Number: 5

    Sponsor(s): 5 Hour Energy

    Manufacturer: Toyota

    Home League(s): Elite Racing League

    Birthdate: October, 7th, 1997

    Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

    Current Residence: Memphis, Tennessee

    Leagues Raced at: Elite Racing League (ERL) 2016-Present
    Open Speedway Racing (OSR), 2015
    F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing (FTE), 2017-Present
    CARA Instinct Pro Series 2016-Present
    IORL 2012
    WCOR 2014
    IMRC 2015-2017

    Driver Biography:
    Born to Angie Stegall , and Theodore Stegall III, in Memphis, TN.I am a triplet a loving brother of 2 twin sisters (Taylor and Tyla) I am a Sophomore at Philander Smith College on a track and field scholarship. Major in Mass Communications. I have 5+ years of online experience, with multiple wins and 1 truck series championship.



    Cory Williams

    Name: Cory Williams

    Number: 51


    Manufacturer: Chevy

    Home League(s): Elite Racing League

    Birthdate: February 10 1993

    Hometown: Marshall NC

    Current Residence: Marshall NC

    Leagues Raced at: Elite Racing League (ERL) 2016-Present
    CARA Instinct Pro Series 2016-Present
    IORL 2012-2016
    IMRC 2015-2017
    SRA SuperTrucks 2017

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