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    JT Mayhew

    Name: JT Mayhew

    Number: 38

    Sponsor(s): Kmart

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: April 10, 1988

    Hometown: Curwensville, PA

    Current Residence: Austintown, OH

    Leagues Raced at: Xtreme NASCAR Sim Racing League (XNSRL), 2006-2007
    East Coast Thunder (ECT), 2012-2016
    Old Guys Racing (OGR)/Redline Racing League (RRL), 2012-2014
    FastTrax Racing (FTR), 2012
    Rolling Thunder Gaming (RTG), 2015-Present
    Open Speedway Racing (OSR), 2015
    F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing (FTE), 2017-Present

    Driver Biography:
    Born to Sherry Lynn Mayhew (deceased), and James Byron Mayhew, Jr, in Clearfield, PA. I have 5+ years of online experience, with multiple wins in the top 3 NASCAR divisions, and 1 superspeedway truck series championship.



    Gary Mingus

    Name: Gary Mingus
    Number: 12
    Sponsor(s): Flowers Bakeries Bunny Bread
    Manufacturer: Dodge
    Home League(s):
    Birthdate: October 11, 1953
    Hometown: Slidell, LA
    Current Residence: Tallahassee, OH
    Leagues Raced at: ASR, BSR, SMO, Extreme, MSR RTG, Insomniacs
    Driver Biography: Retired Army Veteran 1974-1995, Sim Racer and Painter since N2k3 came out, Certified IT Professional, Lifetime record: 37 wins, 65 Top 5’s 3-Series Championships.


    Daniel Dupuis

    Name: Daniel Dupuis

    Number: 24

    Sponsor(s): Harley Davidson

    Manufacturer: Ford

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: March 10th 1959

    Hometown: Louiseville, P,Q, Canada

    Current Residence: Maskinongé’ P,Q, Canada


    Dennie Daniels

    Name: Dennie Daniels (League Co-Founder)

    Number: 37

    Sponsor(s): F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing

    Manufacturer: Chevy

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: 8/7/54

    Hometown: U.S.A.

    Current Residence: U.S.A.


    Devon Bliss

    Name: Devon Bliss

    Number: 14

    Sponsor(s): United States Postal Service

    Manufacturer: Toyota

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: October 13th 1972

    Hometown: Janesville, Wisconsin

    Current Residence: Janesville, Wisconsin

    Leagues Raced at: F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing, Afterburner Motorsports, TDR-Racing, ASRacing, Old Guys Racing, RSR-Racing, A few others as well.

    Driver Biography: Been racing online for about 15 years


    Kevin Roy

    Name: Kevin Roy


    Sponsor(s): Red Sox/Pepsi


    Home League(s):Hobo/F.A.S Trak

    Birth date:01/22/67

    Hometown:Nashua NH

    Current Residence:Plaistow NH

    Leagues Raced at:IFRT,Sim Racing International,HCR,RHR,HOBO,F.A.S.Trak

    Driver Biography: Have been racing since 2003. Fist online experience was with Ea Thunder then carried over to Nr2003 I have also raced IRacing as well.


    Ken Smith

    Name.Ken Smith
    Number #05
    Birth date, 13 December 1948
    Home town, Nanango, Queensland, Australia.
    Raced on line since 2003.


    Gary Piccolo

    Name: Gary Piccolo


    Sponsor(s): Exide/SCT Flash Performance Tuners

    Manufacturer: Ford

    Home League(s): N/A

    Birth date: 09/20/1970

    Hometown:Nashua Bricktown New Jersey

    Current Residence: Miramar Florida

    Leagues Raced at: Blazin’Pedals, TDR, Insomniac, FSB, FTF

    Driver Biography: Sim Racing on and off for 13 years.


    Scott Shroyer

    Name: Scott Shroyer

    Number: 55

    Sponsor(s): Budweiser

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet

    Home League(s): N/A

    Birthdate: September 12, 1965

    Hometown: Kissimmee, FL

    Current Residence: Freeport, FL

    Leagues Raced at: RROL, Blazin Pedals, TDR, Insomniac, FSB, FTF, RDRS, ECT, RTG

    Driver Biography:
    Grew up racing late models on dirt at the age of 15. Got out of real racing in 1999 when oldest son went to college.Took up sim racing in its place, a whole lot cheaper. Married wife Natalie right out of high school. Two sons, Justin and Dustin. 4 grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls.


    Rick Moon

    Name: Rick Moon

    Number: 07

    Sponsor(s): Harley Davidson

    Manufacturer: Chevy

    Home League(s): RTG

    Birthdate: 08/09/1961

    Hometown: Lyndon, Kansas

    Current Residence: Lyndon, Kansas


    Matt Watkins

    Name: Matt Watkins

    Number: 15

    Sponsor(s): Fave Juice, First4Figures

    Manufacturer: Toyota

    Home League(s): FSB, Blazin’ Pedals.

    Birthdate: September 10th, 1984

    Hometown: Hartsville, SC

    Current Residence: Charlotte, NC

    Leagues Raced at: FSB, SMO Hardcore, MROL, Blazin’ Pedals, Insonmiac, XTreme Motorsports, FTF, TDR. Probably more that I forget.

    Driver Biography:
    Raced online since 2001. Start with Nascar 3 with a joystick, got a wheel and started racing N2k3 in 2005ish.


    Craig Meyer

    Name: Craig Meyer

    Number: 33

    Sponsor(s): Tide

    Manufacturer: Ford

    Home League(s): N/A

    Birthdate: December 2, 1981

    Hometown: Oxford, AL

    Current Residence: Munford, AL

    Leagues Raced at: Blazin’ Pedals, TDR, FSB, Insomniacs, FTF, and others.

    Driver Biography:
    Been online racing since the original Nascar Racing came out. Been pretty consistent with it since 2003.


    Tracy Anders

    Name: Tracy Anders

    Number: 89

    Sponsor(s): Borla Exhaust

    Manufacturer: Toyota

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: March, 23, 1966

    Hometown: Washington Court House, Ohio

    Current Residence: Washington Court House, Ohio

    Leagues Raced at:
    Afterburner Motorsports
    F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing
    Old Guys Racing
    Turn One Racing
    Blazin Pedals
    Delta Sim Racing
    Wallbanger Racing
    TNT Racing League
    East Coast Thunder

    Driver Bio:
    Online Sim Racing since 2009
    Road/Endurance Racing New England,24 Hours of Lemons, 91 BMW 325 6cyl, C-class


    bob syre

    Name: Bob Syre

    Number: 27

    Sponsor(s): US ARMY/ Harley Davidson

    Manufacturer: Caddy

    Home League(s):

    Birthdate: 8/20/78

    Hometown: Pleasant Prairie WI
    Current Residence: Burlington WI


    Joe Morabito

    Name: Joe Morabito
    Number: 20
    Sponsor: Mt. Dew
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Home League: F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim racing(co-owner)
    Birthdate: December 24, 1968
    Hometown: Newburgh, NY
    Team: Black Label Racing

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