Tracks used at F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing. Once decided and posted there will be no changes allowed until the next year and then changes must be decided by majority of members.

Atlanta 2003 FTE v2
Auto Club 2012
Bristol 2014 FTE
Bristol Night 2014 FTE
Charlotte 2013 SDT Day Charlotte 2013 SDT Night
Chicagoland 2011 SDT DayDarlington SBP08
Darlington Night SBP 08
Daytona 2003 FTE
Daytona Night BR v2Dover 2013
Homestead_2013_SDT_DayIndianapolis 2014
Iowa FSEIowa Night FSE
Kentucky 2011 BPLas Vegas 2014
Michigan 2003 FTE v1Mid-Ohio
New Hampshire 2003 FTE Phoenix 2011 FTE
Pocono 2012 FSERichmond 2007 FTE
Richmond Night SBP 11Road_America_2011
Sonoma 2013Talledega 2003 FTE v4
Texas 2017 FTEWatkins Glen 2016
1.SMS_Lobby_SetupYou must enter the F.A.S.Trak race server with SMS Lobby.
2.FASTrak Elite Car File ManagerThis is for downloading all other members car files
3.Teamspeak 3
All members will be required to at least be able to hear through TeamSpeak 3. If you’re having an issue with speaking, we will allow in-game text chat.
4.Gen6BR15The Gen6BR15 Mod for the F.A.S.Trak Elite Cup Series.
5.Gen6BR15_ctsThe Gen6BR15_cts Mod for the F.A.S.Trak Elite Sunday SS Series.
6.CWS2015The CWS2015 mod for the F.A.S.Trak Elite Truck Series.


F.A.S.Trak Fri. Night Winter Truck Series Tracks